An ideal tool is provided by AddThis.
Just by adding a small code to your site your visitors can like, share and follow the content of your website. And the best part is, it is totally free of charge, with a high quality premium service for those webmasters who need it.

Why should you use something like AddThis?

This works both ways. On the one hand you provide some social media tools to your visitors which allows them to share the content from your website with others. You can see this as a extra service you provide for free. Something to think about for example for photographers, artists or models.
On the other hand you will get more visitors via sharing, you won’t get through other options. Image you provide a service or product and you wrote an article about it, by adding social tools to share the article others can share your article and promote for you (without costs) on any platform they prefer. Photographers and artists can provide tools for sharing so others can share theur art without being in conflict with copyrights.

Is it complicated to integrate AddThis to your website?

Any webmaster with a little knowledge of html will be able to implement the code. AddThis offers a clear explanation about the tool and how to integrate. You don’t need to be a programmer to add it to your site.
The best part of it all is that once you have installed the code, any changes you make via your account at AddThis will be changed at once on your website without the need of changing or uploading new codes. The one thing you need to do is implement one short code from AddThis to your website on the pages you want the social tools to become active, or if you use WordPress add the plugin and follow instructions.
AddThis also provides the option to manage multiple websites, all for free.

Do you want to implement AddThis to your site or blog and you are experiencing problems? Be sure to contact me.

November 16, 2017

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