Very frequently I get the question if I know good solutions to built a website without costs for hosting, but with a domainname. Depending on what you need, hosting does not need to be expensive. So try a search to compare hosting packages. I am familiair with some dutch companies so these might not be of interest for you, if you are in doubt don’t hesitate to contact me so I can take a look and give you proper advice.

Do you want free hosting? Perhaps these platforms might provide you with what you need:


All platforms provide you with a free domainname, ending with the domain extention of the belonging platform. So for example ‘’ or ‘’ etc
If you prefer a free domainname with free hosting then Tumblr or Blogger are a good solution. Without any additional costs you can connect your own domain to either Tumblr or Blogger. WordPress provides the same but they do charge you a small amount.
So if you want to manage your website with as little costs as possible, but with professional lay out to add to your site consider one of these options I mentioned above. Costs for a domain mostly start around 10 dollars a year.

Are you in doubt? Be sure to contact me. My advice is completely free

November 16, 2017

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