Getting a well visited facebookpage in a few clicks. How do you manage this? Here are a few basic tips:
  1. Create (and upload) a cover and profile image that reflects your business/company/product/service and make sure they are of good quality. Bad images reflect badly on your presentation, it does not invite to visit and neither to share.
  2. Post on a regular base. Messages can be prepared in advance to appear on your scheduled time. Use this, whenever you have the time sort out some messages or links you want to share and schedule those.
  3. Find facebook pages that somehow connect to your page or service and like these, some pages work with ‘S4S’ which means ‘Share 4 Share’ Whenever you share a message or post from these pages you can ask them to share yours. This way you create new sources with visitors who will know the way to your page.
  4. Comment and like on other pages of your interest ‘as your own page’. This way your page is shown and might invite others to take a look and discover your page.
  5. Share messages from websites of pages that might be of interest for your page visitors. Few find a page that solely promotes itself of interest on the long term, so dare to expand your services by sharing interesting facts, tips, notes, sites, links, images, movies, etc
  6. Don’t get discouraged too quickly. It takes times to get likes, responses are given rarely so cherish these. Be polite and kind to your visitors, and more importantly to those who take the time to respond. If you receive misplaced messages delete these without any comments. Be aware of the fact others are looking, and any response you give will add something to their perception of you.
Do you need some help? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always prepared to listen and give advice.

November 16, 2017

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