My Projects

You were pointed out to this page via one of my projects or payment interfaces like PayPal.

I curate different online art projects, I also work as Kink Aware Professional in the Netherlands. Therefore the name Duale appears on certain forms.
Here is an oversight of my projects.

This online community (in Dutch) exists since 2002 and provides to those in need to contact with likeminded souls to talk about their personal bdsm feelings and thoughts.

Vintage Fetish Art
A large and unique collection of vintage fetish art is hosted on this site. The site is online since 2007.

Secrets Bdsm Art
Secrets Bdsm Art Gallery was started as part of a personal website in 2000, the art section was visited by a large international crowd which made me decide to split up the sites.

Spanking Art
When searching for vintage fetish art my love for spanking art evolved so I deciced to create a blog solely for this particular art subject.

Ostra Studio
This site is a tribute to photographers Jacques and Charles Biederer who left us a unique legacy and made the first steps in fetish photography, followed by so many later.

Vintage Musing
Besides a love for fetish art I also have a special preference for fetish photography, this project is dedicated to vintage fetish photography and subjects that can be seen as fetish.

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